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Let's Get Organized
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27th-Oct-2009 11:02 am - Reorganized Pantry
Sunflower: Saint Sunflower
I was inspired by soapfaerie's recent post about reorganizing the pantry. It made me conscious of how much time I spend hunting for things, or picking something up to get to another thing. I realized further that since we are gifted with a rather large closet-style pantry, it has become the depository for all sorts of stuff that doesn't belong there!

My challenge was not to discard expired food (did that before the move into this house in March!), but just to be able to get to what we have.

My goals were simple: move out of the way stuff that I don't use. Make sure I have a dedicated space for the following categories: breads, snacks, sweets, and baking goods.

My triumphs include the "Ah-ha!" moment of replacing hard to organize bags with employment for empty containers which were themselves taking up space somewhere else. I put seldom-used small pitchers into use for sugar and brown sugar (not used enough in this household to warrant real estate in a countertop utility cannister). I put walnuts for baking, and croutons into plasticware. I used a washed-out glass spaghetti jar to store our rice. Not only did those cannisters make it easier to store and stack items, but now it looks so much prettier and "homey," that it really makes me happy!

Thanks for the inspiration and tips, soapfaerie!

Here are some pictures of the results.Collapse )

19th-Oct-2009 02:13 pm - Organizing Coupons
leaf pile
I was wondering if people have any tips for organizing their coupons. I have a little expandable holder, but i always end up forgetting what's in there, so they don't get used.(i have a medical condition that causes some spaciness haha.)  Then they expire. *sigh*

Anybody have any tips? General coupon tips are great too. TIA! :)

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7th-Oct-2009 01:53 pm - Organize Your Pantry!
leaf pile
Hi everyone!
I recently went through my pantry and tried to organize it. It's a very awkward set up, which makes it tough.

I wish i had a 'before' picture but i didn't think of it.

So WHY should your pantry be organized? Because if it's not, you may "lose" things to the mess and have it expire. And in this economy, wasting food is not ok! I know i'm broke and can't afford to throw away food.

When i went through EVERYTHING in my pantry i ended up throwing away all of this food that had passed it's expiration date:

a few pics and tipsCollapse )
20th-Jun-2009 09:55 am(no subject)
Question for everyone here on music storage...

I have a bunch of CD's still... plastic jewel cases and everything. It's getting a little overbearing, both in terms of finding places to store them and in how many boxes it takes to move them. My question to you-all is this: Has anyone dumped all their CD's/jewel cases? Either stripped out the CD's/liners and chucked the cases, storing in a plastic binder, OR just ripped everything and dropped the box off at Half-Price? Any thoughts on what works better, or what's worked best for you, or if it's best to just keep them all?


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7th-Jun-2009 11:35 am(no subject)

So, I need your help: we're moving from a studio apartment to a two-bedroom, so it'll be a TON more space. However: the kitchen, while eat-in, does not have a lot of counter or cabinet space. In fact, it has maybe a foot of counter space. There's some low, built-in shelving along the wall as well, and a couple of cabinets. Anyway, we have a lot of kitchen items. I'm willing to put some stuff out on the shelves (I was picturing my mugs out there...), but what can I do with all the baking stuff, the pans and etc... the blender, the electric mixer...we'd like to get a toaster-over and a rice cooker.

What's the best way to store this stuff/display everything?

22nd-May-2009 08:46 pm - The Unwieldly Closet
livejournal bone marrow drives
I recently did a clothing purge, in which I took no prisoners.
I have tons of clothes, but not all suit me, and seem to always need pants! Go figure.

Note: this can be done alone but can be made much more ruthless in the company of someone you trust, who gives fast, honest opinions, and it doesn't hurt if you like their personal style (even if it is not your own - they just have to respect yours).

I did this with my boyfriend and it was a blast. He was pretty scared at the amount of clothes I own, though.

Whenever you are unsure of something, put it on right away and ask the person's opinion, and make a decision.

Call your friends whose personal sense of style you admire (does not have to be the same as yours) and ask them to clean out their closets, too.

You'll feel better later!Collapse )

The Swap

Shortly after all the closets are entirely or mostly cleared out, take whatever is in the Give pile and get your friends together with all of their clothes. This can be a fun early afternoon activity, say about 4 hours. My friends usually meet up and someone provides light fare to snack on from 12-4. It has actually become quite an event whether the closet cleanup is large or small. Works exceptionally with 8 or more people (we usually do 10-20).
  1. Unpack all Give Items
  2. Try to categorize piles: skirts, pants, light tops, sweaters, button down tops, dresses, accesories, bags, shoes, jackets, suits, children's clothing.
  3. Try stuff on! Recommend a piece you find or used to own to someone else attending.
  4. At the three-hour mark, each participant should take a turn to show the others what they found. Other people are allowed to try on their items, if they didn't see it the first time.
  5. If more than one person wants an item, settle it without argument by a dice roll or coin flip.
  6. Take remaining unwanted items to a local charity as soon as everyone leaves (get volunteers in advance to take items, if you anticipate a lot of clothes - also call the charity in question in advance to make sure they are accepting items).
I contributed 3 large garbage bags of clothing and returned home with 6 items I needed.

I'm currently wearing a black dress with little white polka dots that is too cute for words. I've been complimented on it all day by coworkers and friends. I got it for free two weeks ago at this year's annual swap.
livejournal bone marrow drives
Hi there,

I haven't participated in this community in a dog's age.

I thought I was disorganized. I was, but not as bad as I thought.

Then my brother fell ill in 2007, and died 6 months ago.

In that time, not only was my life on hold, things were not dealt with and also accumulated and became even bigger problems.

In the last 6 months, things have been getting better! I have progressed quickly with a relationship and after some apartment and house hunting, we came across an opportunity we just could not refuse. We'll be moving very soon if our offer is accepted.

Side note: I was so disorganized I had problems providing information about my finances, which is mostly good stuff but had to find it, and this is very important for a mortgage. Disorganization costs time, money, and can mean losing out on something big.

My more organized self used to get the apartment in order before I moved, instead of crossing fingers that things will work out. As I organize, or attempt to, before packing I hope I'll be posting more often here.

I hope it helps or provides some suggestions, or you can steer me from trouble. OK? OK.
In Love
I have a bunch of stuff I want to get rid of...

Clothes that I know would get a few bucks at a consignment shop or on ebay
Craft materials I've hardly used
Products from my business that I'll no longer be carrying and I just want OUT
Probably a few books/movies and other random stuff

The tough thing about it is that I do feel like I need some "extra" cash... but when does the hassle of actually selling all the stuff outweigh the cash you could bring in?

I'm losing weight AND going to get a breast reduction so I will NEED, not just want, new clothes...
My business isn't actually profitable yet and needs any income it can get from selling off old products or materials (the craft stuff)...

But it would be so nice and so easy to just dump it all in my car and haul it to goodwill... seems so irresponsible toward myself and my business though.
And while the initial hit would be pretty tough to take (all of those "professional" clothes just going out the door... and especially the things I made for my business, spent time and money on... ) financially I would honestly recover pretty quickly most likely.

What would you do?
16th-Apr-2009 02:46 pm(no subject)
your priest
How do you guys deal with textbooks, binders, and paper? I've got a lot of textbooks that I can't get rid of, either because I wrecked them or I'll need them later (and of course, each textbook has a solutions manual), binders full of course work that I can't throw out because I'll need it for reference later, and papers from scholarships and jobs and the like. I haven't got room on my bookshelf for them because it's filled with books, my closets are too small, and I don't really have room for another bookcase. If it's possible, I'd like to keep them within easy reach for the duration of my education.

Anyone have any ideas? I have a feeling that I'm going to have to suck it up and get rid of some furniture to make room for a new bookshelf.
9th-Apr-2009 06:48 pm(no subject)
[MUSIC] Miichan's horrendous xmas face
I was wondering how everyone (who wears hair clips, etc) organized their collection? I have a lot of bows, bobby pins with designs glued on, and clips, but I hardly use any of them because right now they're all crammed in a bag and I forget about them. Ideas?
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