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Happy New Year, all!

27th-Apr-2011 07:57 pm - Un-Hoarding Circle
Hello, anybody care to join me in un-hoarding? Consider it a challenge or consider it a support group. My suggestion is that those of us with a tendency to hoard post here when they get rid of something, either by throwing it away of giving it away. It could be a good place to get encouragement and if needed advice/suggestions.

Here's my un-hoarding -

Today a freecycle person came and took the sunvisor that I never wore and kept for about two years. Hope to keep doing stuff like this so that I can see the wall in the corner of my living room!
28th-Jan-2011 11:38 am - Phase One of Apartment Reorganization
Intro & Background:

Hi, I'm Cordy!  My twin sister and I moved into a small-ish three-bedroom apartment last summer, just the two of us and a LOT of our stuff.  We're both in grad school and have very little money to spend on things like furniture and organizational things. 

So, with that in mind, here's our basic reorganization project of a few key spaces in our apartment.  For pretty much no money and very little time, I think it turned out great and looks a lot better than it did before.  

Foyer / Entryway

Living Room

For more details, pictures, and a look at our slightly revamped desk area, check out my site!  
20th-Sep-2010 01:29 pm(no subject)
hot shit
Anyone know where to find something like these AWESOME sorters for linens/towels for LESS MONEY? thanks :)
12th-Sep-2010 11:19 am(no subject)
So this comm has been kind of dead lately, but I recently uploaded pictures to flickr of my (not so recent) desk overhaul, so I thought I'd stick them here and maybe inspire someone :)

before and afterCollapse )
8th-May-2010 02:05 pm - wall decor meets function
So how do you store your wearables that you want easy access to and want to display?

I own a lot of hats, and keeping them organized is one of the fun ways I like to change the look of my room. Previous setup:
hats on striped wall paper

I have always liked bright colors, and have embraced the lime green trend! The 'wallpaper' is actually heavy wrapping paper from Michaels craft store, put up with flat-head thumb tacks. I change the decor in my room too often to mess with actual paper and paste wallpaper.
New setup:
hats on green wall paper
24th-Dec-2009 12:37 pm - Holiday Card Display
Trace: 2009
This easy and inexpensive display of incoming holiday cards was inspired by a picture from a magazine (possibly Family Circle?) circa 2000, and this is the first year I've gotten around to making it happen. The display is 3 yards of red pom-pom ribbon. The individual cards are tied on with coordinating red and orange patterned ribbon (dots, stripes, and checks) and cheapo key chains. The materials will be reusable for following years. (Cross-posted to craftgrrl.)

This display also doubles nicely as a a cat toy. ;)

Photo under the cut!Collapse )

Happy Holidays,
2nd-Dec-2009 08:49 pm - Receipts
Where do you keep your receipts?

I've been stacking mine on my dresser and weighing them down with a power strip. I've thought about getting a small pouch thing to put them in, but I don't know if I'd be happy with that, and I don't even know where I'd put that pouch.
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